Okay, you might not be a big fan of steroids, but you do know how they can make things grow massively.  Well, its time to grow your business ‘massively’ using a Joint Venture Strategy.
Would you like to have a warm introduction to new prospects and have them overwhelmingly want to be your clients????  Of course, I know you said ‘YES’.  Who wouldn’t?
Well, here is what you need to do.
1.  Make sure you know who your Ideal Client is.
2.  Make a list of other companies who serve your ideal client, but are not in competition with them.
3.  Choose one company on your list and invite them to form a joint venture with you where you recommend them to your clients and they recommend you to their clients.
4.  Rinse and repeat step 3 with another company from the list..  Do it again and again.  3 to 5 joint ventures should fill your pipeline.
If you would like more details on how to do this, we cover it in our E-Learning System.
Want more details on the E-Learning System???  Just let me know in the comments below.
Have an Amazing Day!
Regina – The Instigator

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