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Hi there!  I am a serial entrepreneur devoted to helping other entrepreneurs and their families thrive!

Bridgeport Strategy, a Strategic Marketing and Business Breakthrough firm, was the brainchild of my business partner, Brad Climer, and myself back in January of 2015.

We’ve come a long way since then.  Part of our growth has included partnering with an amazing firm that had already developed the type of tools we wanted to provide to our clients.  The outgrowth of that partnership allows us to bring you incredible opportunities to grow your business.

We have a three-fold mission for small business owners:

  1.  We know many of you are struggling to survive financially, so my first goal is to help you generate immediate cash flow.
  2.  Second, I will help you maximize your revenue potential.  You will get everything in place to create a marketable (able to sell) business so that it can fund your dreams, both now and when you are ready to sail away into the sunset and leave the work to others.
  3. Third, I will help you package your knowledge in such a way that you can receive a lucrative passive revenue from it.  If you aren’t ready for that yet, I will help you get past any plateau’s and move to the next level for your business.

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