The $10K Challenge

I have been in business for many years and struggled with seeing marketing as an investment as opposed to an expense.  Why, because I wasn’t getting a return on the money I was spending on the advertising and marketing.  Without a return on that, marketing isn’t an investment, it is an expense.  But done correctly, it should always be an investment.  An investment gives you a return for your money.

Are you struggling with your Marketing?  Do you see it as an expense or an investment?  Are you getting any return on your investment for the money you are spending on marketing?

Do you have a website that you thought would bring you tons of customers , but it hasn’t brought you any?

These are typical problems I solve every day for small business owners.

Are you trying to create a legacy for your family?  Do you have a dream of what you want your family to be, but right now the stress of running a successful business is destroying those dreams?

Do you have a dream of what you would like to do when you are ready to retire, but it is dependent upon selling your business first?  Have you ever looked into selling your business?  Did you know that 95% of small businesses are not salable?  95%?  Wow, you say.  I say, it is time to figure out your exit strategy.

Steven Covey‘s habit # 2 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people is to begin with the end in mind.  In the sense of growing your business to fund your dreams, you need to know what those dreams are and then reverse engineer them.  What do you need to do each day in order to achieve those retirement dreams.

Too many business owners simply go about their day to day lives without having a solid vision of what they want or how to get it.

That is where I come in.  I can help you identify those dreams and create a plan to achieve them.  I don’t want you to come to the day that you are ready to sell your business and find you have nothing to sell.  Then see all of your dreams just vanish because you didn’t know what you needed to do to change this outcome.  Remember the 95% that I mentioned earlier?  A little help along the way could have changed the outcome for them.

Let me show you some things that will transform your business.  In 45 minutes I can show any business owner how to add $10k a month in revenue on an ongoing basis.

Working together, I can show you how to apply the 80/20 rule, or Pareto’s law, to generating all the revenue you need or want.  And to do so quickly and efficiently.

Let me show you how to stop chasing leads and generate more income than you ever have before, while generating a loyal client base.

Let me show you how to drop more revenue to your bottom line.

Give me 45 minutes of your time and I will show where that money is in your business.  Right now, I am looking for business owners interested in being interviewed for a Case Study in my next book.  The previous book, 45 Minute Business Breakthroughs, How I Find $10k In Any Business in 45 Minutes, demonstrated 8 strategies for finding $10k in any business.

My next book in this series of books on this subject, will highlight these, no-cost marketing strategies, that generate at least $10k a month in specific industries.

Give me 45 minutes and I will show you the money, for FREE.  All I ask is that I be able to use your story as a Case Study in my book.

If you would like to participate as a Case Study and learn FREE methods of generating at least $10k a month of additional revenue in your business, then let me know and I will send you a link to book an appointment.

If you already have everything in place to achieve your dreams and generate all the cash flow you need, then please share this with someone else who could use some more cash in their business to allow them to achieve their visions and dreams.

Have an Amazing day!


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