The Mental Game – Part 2

Beyond Outcome-Based Goals 

Now let’s move on to mindset or attitude number two thinking beyond outcome-based goals. 

This is very, very important and it’s also quite subtle.

Successful entrepreneurs, and people that are just generally successful in life, are not focused only on external achievement. 

External achievement isn’t everything.  It’s not just about making that next sale.  It’s not just about achieving the next salary level or receiving that promotion or completing the book or selling a certain number of units, or whatever it may be for your business. 

Those things are important.  They’re measuring sticks.  When you reach those outcome-based goals you feel good about yourself. 

However, if you get stuck in the loop of only measuring your worth and only feeling happy when the outcome-based goals are being achieved, you can lose yourself. 

The question you want to ask is, “What kind of person do I want to be?  Or what kind of person do I want to become?” 

Outcomes are great, but ‘becoming’ goals are just as important. 

Successful entrepreneurs take time to not only set up the measuring sticks, like their outcome-based goals financially and maybe in their health and fitness world, but they also ask themselves, “How do I want to be?  What kind of person do I want to be with my family, with my employees, with my partners?  Do I want to be an inspiring leader, or do I want to be somebody that everyone lives in fear of?”  

Of course, the people that want to be most successful want other people to be ‘magnetized’ to them.  Most successful entrepreneurs, whatever their personality type is, they could be completely introverted or extremely extroverted or somewhere in between, they have this magnetic quality or style about them. 

They’re inspiring, and generally the rest of us want to be around them because they’re not just focused on the next goal, the next measuring stick.  They’re also focused on those, “Who do I want to become?” type of questions. 

Another important thing to realize is those successful entrepreneurs we’re talking about realize both things are possible.  It’s not an either/or scenario. 

You don’t have to focus all your efforts on “I’m going to be,” and just experience life as a being.  You can also have a lot of worthy outcome-based goals that drive you, while at the same time focusing on the kind of person you want to become.

I encourage you to do this in your own success planning.  In addition to whatever revenue targets you’re setting, whatever health and fitness targets you’re setting, maybe there are relationship goals you’re setting, that you set the becoming goals as well as the outcome based goals. 

Think about the following: How do I want to operate in certain situations?  How do I want to treat other people?  How do I want other people to treat me?  What would I want other people to say about me if they were giving a speech about me? 

These are very, very important questions to ask, and this will move you from working on just outcomes, to working on who you want to be and going beyond those outcome-based goals that control far too many of us and often makes us lose ourselves in the process. 

This is a very powerful characteristic. 

So, what are the ‘becoming’ goals you have set for this year? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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